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Utility Rate Increase


Rate Increase effective October 1, 2023

The City Council passed Ordinance 2023-O-013 which raises rates effective on October 1st,
2023. Customers will see the rate increase for the October bill in November. The City passed the
rate increase because costs to purchase water from our provider and to distribute to individual
users has increased over the years. There have only been five increases to the water rate in our
history and the cost to maintain our utility lines, purchase water, and treat sewer effluent has
increased dramatically over the years. Below you will see changes to the rate structure. These
changes are necessary for maintenance, distribution, and product delivery. The rate structure
below is for all customers but to see all the rate changes in detail you can go to the City of Blanco
website, go to the government tab, under mayor and council subtitle, click on Ordinances and
resolutions for the entire rate changes going into effect October 1, 2023. For any questions about rate changes please contact the City of Blanco Utility Department.

Rate Structure: New rate is $10.49 per 1000 gallons for all users regardless of tap size.
5/8” tap/water availability feed (base fee): $41.49 per tap
Sewer availability fee (base fee): $32.20

In addition to the availability fee which is noted above $16.12 will be attached to all customers
outside the City limits to recover additional fees it takes to bring these customers’ water.
New Rate for Sewer is $10.49 based on 80% of water consumption.
Base water sewer fees for all meter sizes

New Rate  VS Old Rate
Water Base Fee Meter Size Sewer Base Fee   Water Base Fee Rate Code Sewer Base Fee
$41.79 5/8" $32.20   $30.90 Residential $28.00
$104.40 1" $80.50   $46.35 Residential OSCL $28.00
$208.90 1 1/2" $160.99   $46.35 Residential OSCLI $28.00
$334.20 2" $257.58   $30.90 Commercial 1  $32.00
$501.40 2 1/2" $386.36   $51.50 Commercial 2 $32.00
$626.70 3" $482.95   $77.25 Commercial OSCL $32.00
$1,044.66 4" $804.93   $77.25 Industrial $28.00
$2,089.31 6" $1,609.85   $115.88 Industrial OSCL $28.00
$3,342.90 8" $2,575.77   $36.05 Multi-Family $28.00
$4,805.41 10" $3,702.66   $30.90 Gov 1 $28.00


*Please note new rates are based off meter size
*New rate structure is as noted above for all residents in the City Limits
*Any residents outside the City Limits are the same structure as above but add an additional amount of $16.12
*Previous rates were based off rate code