Municipal Court

Vision: Efficiently, accurately, and professionally handle and process city ordinance violations to create & sustain customer-oriented, quality service that provides maximum access to the court and promotes public confidence in the court system.

Department Mission: To promote a high level of public confidence by providing fair & impartial justice, while providing exceptional customer service to the public.


  • Accurately process all incoming transactions
  • Process city ordinances violations promptly
  • Ensure fair & impartial justice to all persons accused of violations of the law
  • Develop a culture that enhances trust in the Court System 

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Contact Info

Haylee Hartman
Court Clerk
300 Pecan St. Blanco, Tx. 78606
830-833-4525 ex. 104
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Judge Daniel M. Burns
Municipal Court Judge

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Byars Building
308 Pecan Street
Blanco, Texas 78606

City Hall
300 Pecan Street
Blanco, Texas 78606